Eric de Mello, Head of Social Work Operations for Slough Children's Services Trust said about Robin: 

“Robin had a high impact on the Trust's internal and external communication in the complex world of protecting children and at a highly sensitive time in Slough. She managed multiple loyalties and expectations very well using her resilience and emotional intelligence to

produce press statements and communications which reflected the positions of various stakeholders.

""Using her lively personality and intellect she quickly gained the confidence of the Senior Management team and contributed to recruitment for social workers and foster carers, with notable success in events as well as general publicity.


"Robin's enthusiasm and quickly acquired knowledge about the Trust's business at all levels and her wide range of contacts combined to contribute hugely to the positive perceptions of the Trust that endures to

the current day.”

Rehana Browne, Press Officer for Alzheimer's Society said about Robin:

"I really enjoyed working with Robin during her time at Alzheimer's Society. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to work on lots of creative ideas together and plan some exciting campaigns.

"Robin is a sensitive and kind manager. Her PR experience is vast and this was evident in various team meetings and group brainstorms. I also respected Robin's honesty and openness at work. I enjoyed our chats a lot too!"