Nordoff Robbins UK Music Therapy Charity - Chief Executive, Pauline Etkin OBE, said about Robin:

"It was a pleasure having Robin working with us covering maternity leave as Head of Communications.

"She very quickly grasped the reigns and was an excellent internal and external communicator. Our profession is a difficult one to profile due to the ethical challenges of presenting music therapy and the sensitivity of profiling our clients as well as the understandable protectiveness of the music therapists for their clients.

"Robin was extremely sensitive in the way she approached the therapists, clients and their carers and she installed in them a confidence that she would treat their 'stories' in a most respectful and caring manner - AND, she indeed succeeded in doing this.

"Robin demystified the areas of publicity, trained the senior therapists in speaking to the media, and ensured that everyone worked collaboratively in bringing the work of our charity to the attention of the media and the public.

"In the short time that she was with Nordoff Robbins (16 months), Robin brought a great deal of publicity and media interest to our work. Robin is an energetic person with a bright humour and compassionate nature."

National Deaf Children's Society - Mike Wade, Director for Fundraising and Communications, said about Robin: 

"Robin – I was just going through the KPI report which is due to be discussed at Monday’s Directors’ meeting, and was struck by the fantastic achievement from you as Head of Media & PR and your team in achieving coverage of 16.8m in December! Best of the year to date.

"I know this is not a particularly easy time to gain coverage, which makes the achievement even more remarkable. And of course it is not just about the numbers – media coverage is critical to us meeting our policy and campaigning goals, bringing about a world without barriers for deaf children.


"I have heard some really positive feedback from teams across the organisation re: the collaborative approach from the Media team as well. Congratulations to you all. Proud to work with you!"